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thin hair extensions boston

Can your thin hair handle extensions?

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Let's do a thin hair & extension "Test Run" Thin hair can be caused by so many different factors like hormones, hormone changes post birth, medication, anesthesia, stress, malnutrition, food sensitivities, health not being at optimal levels, bad hair styling tools, exposure to different chemicals and...
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Wig Services In My Boston Salon

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THIS IS A WIG!!!!! Yup, you read that right, a custom colored and styled wig. Many people have some very strong personal feelings about wigs. Some people would love to have a room full of them (ME!!!‍) some people shudder and burst into tears at...
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the extologist or extology comparison

The Extologist or Extology

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A question that I often hear and glad to answer, what is the difference between The Extologist or Extology. The Extologist is my personal blog site, from comparisons to before and after pictures, it serves as an informational hub and resource for all things hair…

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no damage hair extensions healthy hair

Hair Extensions Without Damage

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Proof that the myths “hair extensions ruin your hair” or “hair extensions are damaging” are absolutely FALSE!!! The top left pic (Dec 2014) is what my clients hair looked like on the crown of her head in random places. She was taking medication that gave her…

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hair extensions for fullness before and after

Hair Extensions for Fullness

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Not everyone needs to have long mermaid hair. Hair extensions are appropriate for any age. This lovely lady is in her 50s. We added a little length and some fullness to this lovely head of hair. Used some amazing colorance by Goldwell to touch up the…

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