Do hair extensions damage your hair?

By February 26, 2017 hair extensions

Hello Ladies! Today I would like to discuss thinning hair, hair loss and if hair extensions can damage or even ruin your own hair.

Yes this is a very important subject people rarely discuss, and quite frankly go to great lengths to hide from. Most women are either embarrassed, hopeless or just shy when it comes to hair loss.

Countless women have told me that they feel it’s more common and more acceptable for men to have thinning hair, but should not happen to a woman. The fact of life is that both men and women suffer from hair loss and thinning hair for many different reasons. Hair loss does not discriminate!

The list of reasons is quite long; and some of the more common ones are:

  • stress
  • poor nutrition
  • medication
  • illness
  • chemotherapy

  • hormonal imbalance
  • genetically passed on through family members
  • physical stress to the hair due to improper maintenance
  • and even bad hair products

Most people are told they have very few options, if any at all, when dealing with minor hair loss or thin/thinning hair. While wigs, toppers, wiglets and hairpieces work well for many people and variety of situations, they are not a solution for everyone.

Reconstructive hair extensions can be used on thinning hair and to cover up hair loss, if done correctly. They can be used to help re-grow your natural hair or to be used as a permanent solution to add volume and length.

The biggest plus to having reconstructive hair extensions is that they allow you to have more freedom in your daily activities. You can work out, sweat, swim, play in the sand, have the wind blowing through your hair on a boat. Even enjoying fun activities that require a helmet or dance like nobody’s watching while whipping your hair all over the place. Don’t worry nothing will come unglued, detached or fly off your head.

Are the myths about hair extensions true?

Unfortunately there are many true horror stories about hair extensions, and from my experience, their bad reputation stems from lack of proper education throughout the hair industry. Unfortunately these incidents come from the fact that most stylists who perform hair extensions services don’t do them correctly.

List of reasons your natural hair can be damaged:

  • If hair extensions are applied wrong — too thick, too heavy, too tight.
  • If hair extensions are not properly maintained — the stylist did not provide proper tools, products or instructions on how to take care of the hair extensions and did not set up maintenance appointments.
  • If the hair extensions quality is poor — hair tangles, snarls, does not hold a curl.
  • If the bonding material is not correct — too heavy, sharp, too tight, or does not let the hair “breathe”.

Below, I would like to show you that hair extensions can be used to regrow hair, post bad hair cut, post hairloss for any reason, or even post chemo. While hair extensions can’t be applied to your scalp, they can be applied to existing hair to add volume and length.

Let’s take a look at the hair regrowth process…

boston hair extensions growth comparison set 1

Left: Top of head on December 2014 before hair extensions were put in. Right: Top of head on February 2017, natural hair growth after two years of having hair extensions.

Here is an example of someone with loss due to a side effect of medication. This young lady came to me in December of 2014, after experienced hair loss in random spots all over the top of her head (and of course, somewhere that can’t be easily hidden or covered up). Because hair loss was happening at different times and in different stages, some areas were longer than others, and some parts were so short I could barely grab the hair in order to add any extension bonds.

boston hair extensions growth comparison set 2

Left: Side of head on December 2014 before hair extensions were put in. Right: Side of head on February 2017, natural hair growth after two years of having hair extensions.

As you can see, we were able to grow out her natural hair, that in some areas started around 1.5 inches. Now those same exact sections are 12-14 inches long! On average, healthy human hair growth ranges from .5 to 1 inch per month and the pictures on the right is natural, normal hair growth. Take a closer look at how healthy her own hair has grown out, notice that there is no broken or damaged hair after extensions were removed.

boston hair extensions growth comparison set 5

Left: More examples of side of head on December 2014 before hair extensions were put in. Right: More examples of side of head on February 2017, natural hair growth after two years of having hair extensions.

In all of these pictures above, you can see areas of hair regrowth post hair loss and after hair extensions were taken out.

After hair extensions application by The Extologist, during the first visit in December 2014 to my Boston salon.

Finally, here are hair extensions pictures during the initial visit in December 2014. I had to add enough hair to the short sections on the top of her head  so they would blend in with the rest of her long hair, while at the same time, making sure none of the bonds were visible.

Health and longevity of your own natural hair.

As you can see, hair extensions are not just for the glamorous look. They should be applied with the health and longevity of your own natural hair in mind. When hair extensions are applied with care, by a knowledgeable expert and while paying the most attention to detail, extensions should never damage your own hair. Please keep this very important detail in mind when doing your research for hair extensions salons in your area.

If you are struggling with hair loss for any reason, and would like to love your hair again, I am here to help! Please schedule a hair extensions consultation with me by going to my Boston hair salon website and submitting an appointment request. I look forward to meeting you!

– Allana Fabrikant Kanevsky

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  • Barbara Goldy says:

    How are you attaching extensions
    Do you use clips or tape or glue

    • allana says:

      Hi Barbara,

      For this particular client I used keratin tip fusion extensions method, but each client and situation is very different. The two methods I use the most and believe are the safest for your own hair are the keratin fusion strand by strand bonds, and tape ins. I use clip-in extensions only for short term needs like an event or going out on a town. I never use any glue in the hair on any of my clients. If you go to the Methods Comparison Page ( you can read more about different methods that I have worked with.

      We can go over all of this information during your initial consultation appointment, and can determine which method would work best for your hair needs and goals.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions, I’m always here to help 🙂


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