This week we are up to part 5 in my explanations of different hair extensions methods in which I will cover what you need to know about clip in hair extensions.

Clip In Hair Extensions are clipped directly to hair with tiny hair clips and are available with all types of human and synthetic hair. The higher the quality of human hair the more expensive it will be per clip in piece. This is an easy do-it-yourself solution to having temporary long hair or different hair style. The hair is purchased with the tiny clips already attached.

Clip in extensions are also a great place to start if you are serious about getting hair extensions but not sure how you would look with long hair, if you would like a different look for a night or a special event, or even if you are looking for a cost effective solution for hair extensions. Great for photo shoots and fashion shows. 

Clip ins come in several different widths of weft hair, pony tails, bangs and falls. Hair can be reused anywhere from a few weeks to years depending on the quality of hair, proper use and maintenance.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Clip in hair extensions can be very dangerous for those who really want long term long hair and wear clip in extensions on a regular basis. The clips are usually made of metal, metal covered with rubber or softer material or plastic. See example below:

clip in hair extensions example

Clip In Hair Extensions Example

If the clip in hair is left in the hair for long periods of time, clipped in too tight or the metal clips are thin and have sharp edges, you are risking bald spots where the clips are attached to your natural hair. They will either be cut by the metal clips or broken from the pressure and friction of the clips resulting in traction alopecia. Sadly, I’ve seen this too many times on clients from other salons.

When attaching clip in extension at home without a professional teaching you the proper placement (especially for women who have really short hair and purchase really long clip in extensions) it is very difficult to place them so the clip in extensions blend with your natural hair. They have to be purchased or cut to the prefect layered lengths to blend well and look real.

For further reading you can check out the methods comparison table.

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