Proof that the myths “hair extensions ruin your hair” or “hair extensions are damaging” are absolutely¬†FALSE!!!

The top left pic (Dec 2014) is what my clients hair looked like on the crown of her head in random places. She was taking medication that gave her alopecia (hair loss) in random spots on her head, while the bottom part of her hair remained long. It became quite severe and she almost ended up wearing a wig.

When she came to me she barely had an inch of hair in certain spots. I did reconstructive hair extensions on her twice now and the bottom left picture (June 2015) shows how much her hair has grown.

Please know that hair extensions are not damaging…. People are!

If the hair extensions are not done correctly, if the wrong type of hair extensions is done, if the client is not given proper instructions on how to maintain the hair and if proper maintenance is not done on a regular basis, then yes you will have damaged hair. If all the above are done correct and well you can regrow broken/damaged and weak hair.

Please keep all of this in mind when researching salons that provide hair extensions services. Once you are ready to book your consultation please visit the appointments page and I will be glad to sit down with you and give you a personal one on one hair extensions consultation.

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