Has anyone ever told you that your hair is too short or too damaged to get hair extensions?

Let me debunk that myth right here and right now…

I received a phone call today from a new client in Boston, who wanted to cancel her hair extension consultation because her regular hair stylist just told her the following: “Since your hair is so fried and damaged we cut a lot off, therefore your hair is now too short for hair extensions”.

The first part of the statement might be true, if your hair is severely damaged and if there is no way to recover from that, you will need to have quite a bit cut off, but that absolutely doesn’t mean you can’t have hair extensions. I’ve been able to work with hair that is at least one inch long, however, depending on the look you desire it may require some extra hair manipulation.

If hair seems too fragile, I will always put in a couple of test strands on a new client, to ensure that your own hair can handle the added weight of the extension. Therefore it’s always best to have a consultation prior to your the application appointment with a knowledgeable and experienced hair extensions specialist (or as some people call us extensionists, although I like to refer to myself as The Extologist) to get your personal style assessed, and only after that, I custom design every individual head of hair based on what is possible.

If your hair is incredibly damaged from bleach, overuse of straightening systems or other chemicals, I highly suggest getting regular reconstructive hair treatments to ensure your own hair will not continue to break, before – during – and after – the hair extension application process. Hair extensions can be used to mask the damage while at the same time restoring your own natural hair to its full and optimal health over time using strand by strand extension method, which can be applied in such a customized way, that they are virtually undetectable.

So before you believe all the myths and rumors about hair extensions out there, come sit in my chair and let’s talk.

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  • Indian Hair says:

    Great information . thanks for sharing this. Very nice hair extensions

  • Erin says:

    Hi, I have a good a,punt of breakage around my hairline/ears, probably from bleach. I was wondering if extensions could help, as the short pieces are bothering me and don’t look nice. I also don’t want to do anything that will cause further damage. Would they be an option? Thanks.

    • allana says:

      Hi Erin,

      This is something that can only be answered during a consultation. We need to see your hair to determine the integrity of the hair, to see how much breakage there is and determine exactly what needs to be done to save your hair and not just to mask the issue. To schedule a consultation please go to our website and click on the book appointment button.

      We look forward to meeting you!

  • Crystal says:

    That information really helped me. I am in sixth grade and i am doing a project for my school.

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